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Hotel Muchele

Hotel Muchele

Hotel Muchele

Swimming area

More Vitamine D - we are on the sunny side

Sometimes doing things slowly is hard but it’s sooooo good for you! Here you can sit back and absorb the vitamin D to your heart’s content while you gather your thoughts. What are holidays for if not the search to refind oneself in a special place?

Hotel Muchele

21 Meter Pool

Our 21 m indoor-outdoor pool is open from 7 am in the morning. Active guests appreciate the length, leisure swimmers the constant 31°C water temperature, sensitive skins the gentle ozone cleaning. Grander water even flows through our swimming pool. And oh, how you feel i

Hotel Muchele


Hot. And in winter, it’s even hotter than in summer – at least the Finnish sauna (90°C).

If you can’t read ancient Süterlin script, just close your eyes in the organic sauna (50°-60°C). Oh yes, and the steam bath has a panoramic window and a pleasant 45°C. For a little rest afterwards, the beds will rock you gently off to dreamland in the pinewood relaxation room. Open to all from 2pm every day, and if it’s raining, right after breakfast!

Hotel Muchele


Quite simply, heavenly romance

Romantic time for two. Ideal for lovers, long-wedded couples, friends and twosomes who are looking for something a little different. Partner hot tub, Finnish sauna, relaxation bed for some cuddling-up time afterwards, shower and WC. A bottle of prosecco twinkles in the candlelight alongside a selection of crunchy fruit.

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Our Anna, the third of the band of Muchele sisters, pampers, prettifies, offers an ear and the gift of peaceful relaxation at the Anna Spa together with Aunt Helene. p>

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